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1. Welcome to First Chinese Baptist Church of Dallas. We are so glad that you have joined us today for worship. If you're visiting for the first time, please take a moment to fill out one of our communication cards. We would love to connect with you.

2. If you are teaching/helping Children's Sunday school or helping with our Nursery and toddler's rooms, you are invited to our Children's Ministry Christmas Coffee and Tea fellowship today 12:45- @ the CE building. Childcare is provided. Thank you for your faithful ministry to our FCBCD families!

3.We will be having our English Ministry Christmas Fellowship on Saturday, December 15 at 5:30p in the Church Gym. This is a great opportunity to celebrate the holidays together. More information can be found on our website at

4. We have special congregation meeting on 12/16. It is primarily for voting on 2019 co-workers, casting ballot only. No other agenda to discuss. Please come and vote.

5. Finalized nomination list is on the insert. Please pray for the candidates.

6. The Lottie Moon offering will start in December with a goal of $3,000 for this year. Please designate your donation to “Lottie Moon offering” if you are moved to support the international mission board, especially for evangelism by oversea missionaries.

7. The boys in the Mission Sunday (RA) class is holding a mini ice cream sale today during lunch time. All net sales will go to Lottie Moon offering. Please support the event.




3.12/11星期二上午10:00,喜樂團契舉辦聖誕節手工美勞活動。我們有午餐、並提供孩童看顧,有興趣參加者請向何岫庭Terry Lai姐妹(972) 342-1381 報名





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