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1. Welcome to First Chinese Baptist Church of Dallas. We are so glad that you have joined us today for worship. If you're visiting for the first time, please take a moment to fill out one of our communication cards. We would love to connect with you.

2. English Community Group fall kick-off meeting will be on September 7th at 5:00 in the C.E. building. Contact David Clothier for more details.

3. THANK YOU to all the VBS leaders, volunteers and workshop speakers for making this event a great success! We had a total of 69 children who attended and wanted to learn more about Jesus.

4. 2019-20 co-worker elections will be held on 9/29. Committee vacancies and duties has been posted on the announcement board. Please prayerfully nominate suitable members. Election package will be distributed next week.

5. Pray for the Welcome Dumpling Party for international students on 8/17. This is a precious opportunity to outreach international students, to build friendships and to share God’s love. Besides prayer, we need volunteers!  Please contact Phyllis Lam at 469-969-5148.

6. Praise the Lord, we have collected a total of $4980 for Pastor Andrew Yi. Thank you for God’s grace and your love.

7. For members wanting to tithe electronically, please contact Church Treasurer, Andy Lau at 972-400-5283.

1. 感謝所有VBS組長,誌願者和親子教育工作坊的演講者,使上周六舉辦的活動取得圓滿成功!我們壹共有69名兒童參加。通過這次活動,他們更多地認識神

2. 粵語小組將9/6開始新一年度聚會,會友可重新登記詳情請參閱布告板或向各組長、鄧師母或William Fan查詢。

3. 2019-20同工選舉將於9/29舉行。委員會的職位空缺和職責已在公告欄上公佈。請經過禱告提名合適的會友。相关選舉材料將於下週分發。

4. 請在禱告記念8/17在教會舉行的國際學生迎新餃子宴。這是一個黃金機會去接觸國際學生,建立友誼,讓他們感受神的愛。除了禱告的支持,我們需要義工幫忙接待他們,跟他們交談:此外,還需要場地預備和會後清潔若可以幫忙的話,請跟林伍柳燕聯絡,電話:469-969-5148

5. 感謝神,我們收納了$4980愛心奉獻給Pastor Yi。多謝大家的愛心和神的恩典 !

6. 如會友想用電子方式來奉獻給教會,可向司庫劉宏業查詢,電話972-400-5283,謝謝!


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