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1. Welcome to First Chinese Baptist Church of Dallas. We are so glad that you have joined us today for worship. If you're visiting for the first time, please fill out one of our communication cards. We would love to connect with you.

2. Donation Needed: Linda Chow will be in Honduras February 28 – March 5 on a mission trip. Honduras is the 2nd poorest country in the Western Hemisphere after Haiti. She will bring supplies and serve in an orphanage during that time. Please contact her if you are interested in donating or want to know more about her trip. A new detailed list has been put up in the chapel, gym and CE building. The donation drop off is located at CE building and the deadline is 2/23.

3. Children Ministry Opportunity: We are looking for a few dedicated youth, young adult, parents who will be willing to teach/assist in Sunday School (babies – grade 5th). The sign up sheet is on the welcome table at the entrance of each building.

4. March is the FCBCD's Mission Month.  In each week, we will be sharing updates from our supported missionaries, seminarians, and organizations.  Looking forward to celebrating the Mission Month with you.  Please make sure to visit the various displays, to sign up supporting the missionaries, and to learn more about the short term mission opportunities .

5. Our ministry assistant Emily Ji is leaving the position end of Feb.. Thanks for her dedicated and faithful service. If anyone interested in applying for the position, please contact Joseph Kwan.

6. With the developing situation of the coronavirus outbreak, our Church is trying to maintain the services/ministries at its normal level to the best it can. Our church has provided hand sanitizer in all buildings and encourages all congregations to often sanitize their hands. We recommend that everyone greets one another with a friendly hello and hand wave instead of personal contact like a hand shake. For people coming back from Asia around this time, we ask them to quarantine themselves for two weeks before coming to attend church activities. We also ask if anyone who feels ill or has fever not to come to church at this time. We will update this guideline as needed and as we receive more official words from health officials. Your families and friends in China are always in our prayers. Please let us know if you have any special or urgent prayer requests. FCBCD Church Board

1. 物資捐助:Linda Chow將於2月28日至3月5日在洪都拉斯短宣。洪都拉斯是僅次於海地的西半球第二貧窮國家。在這段時間裏,她將攜帶物資並在孤兒院中服務。如果您有興趣捐助或想進壹步了解她的旅行,請與她聯系。需要物資的詳細列表已在副堂,體育館和教育館公布。捐贈地點位於教育館。捐贈截止日期2/23。

2. 兒童事工機會:我們正在尋找壹些熱心的青少年,年輕人和父母,他們願意在周日主日學校(嬰兒–5年級)教書或協助。登記表在教育館入口處的歡迎桌上。

3. 三月是的宣教月。我們將會分享支持的宣教士,神學生和宣教組織的最新動態。期待與您壹起慶祝。請記得參觀各展位,報名支持宣教士,並更多地了解短宣的機會。

4. 教會事工助理Emily季麗華將於2月底離開該職位。感謝祂的奉獻和忠誠的服務。如果有興趣申請該職位,請聯繫Joseph關以文。

5. 隨著新型冠狀病毒暴發的發展,我們教會正在努力將服務/事工保持在正常水平。教會已經在所有建築物中提供洗手液,並鼓勵所有會眾經常洗手。我們建議每個人都以友好的問候和手勢向彼此打招呼,而不要像握手壹樣與他人進行接觸。對於這段時間從亞洲回來的弟兄姐妹,我們要求他們隔離兩個星期,然後再參加教會活動。我們還要求如身體感到不適或發燒,請不要來教會。我們將根據需要並在收到衛生官員的更多正式通知後更新此指南。我們壹直為您在中國的家人和朋友禱告。如果您有任何特殊或緊急的禱告請求,請告訴我們。FCBCD理事會



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