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Special Announcement Regarding COVID-19

Dear Brothers & Sisters,

As you know, the outbreak and spreading of Coronavirus (COVID-19) in the U.S. and in Texas has started. The CDC has announced that all effort should be put toward avoiding any crowd gathering and emphasizing personal hygiene to delay and flatten the peak so that our healthcare system can cope with the situation.

In this regard, this is indeed a very severe challenge not only for our health and community but also to our church lives. However, history tells us the only thing that can weaken the church is challenge from inside the church. Challenges from outside the church will, on the other hand, make the church stronger. With all your understanding, here are the decisions from the church board: 

1. All activities and programs except Sunday worship services (these include adults and children services) will be suspended starting this Friday (3/13). All groups or fellowships that normally meet at church are suspended immediately until further notice. All group leaders please start exploring online tools for alternative way of meeting and bible study. All groups that normally meet at houses it is also highly recommended that such activities should be transformed to using online tools as alternative platform for meeting going forward.
2. Sunday worship services will be restructured starting this coming Sunday (3/15) until further notice. Online streaming and broadcast will be used instead. Detailed information regarding these will be provided. As you know this is a very big change and we are all new to this. So please be patient and let’s work together through this process.
3. Cantonese retreat will be postponed until further notice.
4. Youth graduation banquet will be following what the church decision is in May. DCCYC is at the wait-and-see mode.
5. Congregational meetings will be postponed until further notice.
6. Regular offerings may be
     a. submitted electronically via Zelle to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
     b. or checks mailed to: FCBC Dallas, 17817 Hillcrest Rd, Dallas, TX 75252

Finally, a piece of good advice to you all: keep a good social distance between people wherever you go. Avoid handshakes. Practice very good personal hygiene.

Let us use this opportunity to turn ourselves as God’s people toward Him in fervent, corporate prayer.

Thank you and God bless!

Church Board


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1. 兒童事工機會:我們正在尋找壹些熱心的青少年,年輕人和父母,他們願意在周日主日學校(嬰兒–5年級)教書或協助。登記表在教育館入口處的歡迎桌上。

2. 三月是的宣教月。我們將會分享支持的宣教士,神學生和宣教組織的最新動態。期待與您壹起慶祝。請記得參觀各展位,報名支持宣教士,並更多地了解短宣的機會。

3. 粵語事工退修會將於5/2-5/3在Cleburne,TX舉行。退休會提供兒童節目。住宿為私人汽車旅館式客房,配備壹張大床和二張雙層床(可睡6人)。費用:13歲以上$70/人,4-12歲$40/人,0-3歲免費(包括4餐,宵夜,住宿和營地設施/活動)。請向William Fan或小組長報名。


5. 達城第一華人浸信會 “新冠狀病毒”救援行動

我們響應南佛州華人聖経教會(SFLCBC) 的援助武漢的事工:



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