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Resolve 2019

HAPPY NEW YEAR! 2018 is now in the books and we will start a brand New Year with new perspectives, new resolutions, and new possibilities. The start of a New Year is an opportunity for us to take a step back, reflect on the past year, and maybe renew some of our priorities and values. As followers of Jesus Christ, we want to make sure that we are prioritizing what's truly important, not just from our own perspectives, but most importantly from God's perspective.

This is by starting on January 6, we will begin a new series called RESOLVE. In this series we will be examining four specific values that will help to renew, revitalize and reprioritize our spiritual lives we begin the New Year:

Week 1: God's Truth Over Our Opinions
Week 2: God's People Over Our Programs
Week 3: God's Mission Over Our Comforts
Week 4: God's Glory Over Our Security

Join us as we commit to RESOLVE in 2019!

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Missions Committee


Missions Newsletter

May 2018

“You Are a Letter”

Few years ago, I received a book and a letter from my dear friend Carolyn. The letter said “Reiko, you are a letter!” First, I was not quite sure what that meant, but as I started reading the book “LIVE SENT” by Jason C. Dukes, I was greatly inspired and understood that “I am” a letter.

The book “LIVE SENT” taught me that I am a letter and a message. My everyday life is more than just a story being written. My very life is a letter. I was created by God to receive and send a message intentionally into the lives of the people I do life with daily. I am a letter, I am a church and I am a Mission to be sent out into the community.

FCBCD is hosting a summer VBS (Vacation Bible School) mission again this year. This year’s theme is “GAME ON!” It is a sports theme, but it is not about “Winning” nor “Competition”. It is all about “Community” and “LIVE SENT”. It is not a “Kid’s event” but it is an opportunity for all of us to be engaged in sharing lives and messages with our neighbors and friends who do not have relationship with Christ Jesus. As we prepare for our VBS, I want to challenge you all to be a LETTER. Go out and reach out to someone; your friends, neighbors, or coworkers who have children or grandchildren and invite them to join our VBS. Share your story, share your time, and share your life today.

Reiko Kirstein




幾年前我從我一個非常要好的朋友, 卡洛琳,那兒收到一本書 和一封信。那封信是這樣寫的:"Reiko, 你是一封信!"

一開始我並不確定它到底是什麼意思,不過當我開始讀那本 Jason C. Dukes 所寫的書「LIVE SENT」 之後,我受到很大的啟發 和激勵,並真的了解到 "我是一封信!" 的意義。

「LIVE SENT」 這本書使我了解我是一封信,也是一個信息。 我每天的生命不僅僅是一個可以寫下來的故事,它是一封信。我是 神所造的,神要使用我向我周遭的人每日傳送信息,使他們的生命 有機會改變。我是一封信,我是一所教會,我也是可被差遣到社區 中的宣教士。

我們教會今年暑假再次舉辦 VBS 暑期聖經學校。今年的主題 是"GAME ON 比賽開始"。它是一個看似運動類型的主題,但是卻 和競賽或得獎與否毫無關係。它的意思是"社區" 與 "Live Sent". 它 不只是一個小朋友的活動,而是一個大家都可以來參與來分享自己 的生命,看看有沒有什麼信息可以分享給我們周遭的朋友來幫助他 們,尤其是那些尚未信主的朋友。

當我們在準備這個活動的時候,我鼓勵大家去使自己成為一封 信。對你的朋友、鄰居、同事、同工,發出你的信息。若是他們有 小孩或孫子,可以邀請他們來參加暑期聖經學校,然後分享你的故 事、時間和生命。

Reiko Kirstein


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English Ministry Fall Picnic

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Hurricane Harvey Relief

As you all may know, Hurricane Harvey hit the Texas coast as a Category 4 storm on Friday, August 25. Over this past weekend, the wind and floods caused a great deal of devastation for the residents of these cities. It will take months, and in some areas years, to restore. As followers of Jesus Christ, we are called to provide for the physical and spiritual needs of those who have called these cities home by praying, giving and providing our resources and influences.

We know that many of you want to help, and these are some of the ways we as a church can be involved in the relief and recovery efforts:

Pray for the people who have had to leave everything behind, especially those with nowhere to go. Pray for those who were unable to evacuate, stranded in their homes. Ask for God’s provision and His presence during this difficult time. Pray also for the first responders, National Guard, disaster relief volunteers and all others working to rescue those who are stranded. And lastly, pray that the local church would be the hands and feet of Jesus, offering love, hope, resources and family.

We will be partnering with SEND RELIEF, which is affiliated with the North American Missions Board (NAMB), to provide the necessary funds to mobilize volunteers and provide much needed supplies and care for those affected by Harvey. We ask that you prayerfully consider giving towards this effort. We will plan to collect a special offering for the next two Sundays (9/3 & 9/10). Although many of us are not able to help physically, we can provide aid through our generous giving. Please mark SEND RELIEF on the memo line of your checks when you give. All donations marked with SEND RELIEF will be sent directly to the relief efforts. For those of you who would like to contribute directly, you can give by visiting their website:

Along with your generous financial gifts, we ask that you prayerfully consider volunteering over the next few days and possibly weeks. Here are a few local organizations who are looking for volunteers and/or material donations:

Our Calling is a homeless discipleship ministry here in Dallas. Homeless evacuees have already contacted the ministry. Volunteers are needed M-F, 9-5. Clothing items needed are adult underwear, socks, reading glasses, men’s shoes size 9+, men’s pants size 30+. They DO NOT need women’s clothing.

Trusted World needs local volunteers to help sort donations. Material donations are also needed: clean clothing in good condition; toiletries/hygiene products; baby formula, wipes, bottles, diapers; nonperishable food. Drop-off location is 15660 N. Dallas Parkway, Dallas, TX 75248.

Baptist Benevolent Ministries of Irving is accepting hygiene products and non-perishable food items for people coming to Dallas from the Houston area.

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