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Dear friends and family,  

We are excited to share updates from the international student ministry here at FCBCD as part of the missions newsletter. As you might think, the pandemic was a difficult time for these UTD students and for our ministry to connect with them. However, God will always provide opportunities for His faithful servants who look for them. In early April, we held an Easter egg hunt event where about twenty students came! For many of them, it was their first time participating in this Easter tradition, so we were glad to share our culture with them. After the egg hunt, Auntie Cecilia Kwan shared why Easter is a special holiday for Christians. She was able to articulate her experiences on how the gospel transformed her life view as an immigrant to America. Afterwards, we had lunch and dessert, and got to spend more time with the students. Overall, it was a blessed time of fellowship and we will continue to pray for more opportunities like this. All glory to God! 

International student ministry team 


很高兴能够在达城第一华人浸信会宣教通讯上与你分享国际学生事工的最新消息。 如你可以想像到,在COVID-19大流行性流感期间,同工与UTD学生建立联系确实是比较困难。 但是上帝将永远为寻找祂的忠实仆人提供机会。 在四月初,我们举行了复活节寻彩蛋活动,大约有二十名学生到来!对于他们中的许多人来说,这是他们第一次参加复活节传统,把握机会我们很高兴地与他们分享我们的宗教文化。寻蛋之后,管玉文阿姨(Cecilia Kwan)和我们分享了基督徒特别珍重复活节的原因。她分享自己的经历,见证福音如何改变了她作为美国移民的生活价值观。然后我们吃了午餐和甜点,花了更多时间陪伴学生。整体而言,度过了一些幸福团契的时光,我们将继续为这样的机会祈祷。愿一切荣耀归于上帝!   



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